Friday 5 June 2015

Signal & System

Signal & system are two words relate dwith each other.Signal have their own meanning same as system.
Here signal is defined as a detectable physical quantity or impulse (as a voltage, current, or magnetic field strength) by which messages or information can be transmitted.
Signal is Classified in two category:-
1.Discrete-time Signal : Discrete-time Signal
defined only at discrete values of t, then x(t) is a discrete-time signal.Denoted by x[n].
2.Continuous-time Signal :- Continuous-time Signal is vary continuously with time .continuous-time signals have a very convenient mathematical representation.

System:- A System is any physical set of components that takes a signal, and produces a signal. In terms of engineering, the input is generally some electrical signal X, and the output is another electrical signal(response) Y.

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