Extra Activity & Password

Note : If you downloaded the file (notes) and after that they can't open then 1st of all install these two necessary software. ....

For download that click here..

And the Password which are used to decrypt the file are given below :

For 7 th & 8th semester use  sharma@angle  and angle@sharma

VHDL  ----  vh@dl
FAW   ---    Hand and written notes ---- M@ASHARMA
                  BOOK ---- MASHARMA
CT ---        computation@technique
SAS ---      sys@#
DSP -        d@signal#p
VHDL -     vh@dl
Control System - control@system
CCN    -----        ccna3#
EIM     -----     electronics@im

*Note: password is case sensitive

File that demanded by Student are to be downloaded from here..

1. PIC16C6X micro controller description ..

      Download here 

 For mobile Click Here

2. Transducer Question Paper :-
     For Download
     Click here

3. Artificial Intelligence Fast Review
     Req By : Mandeep Songra from HCTM Technical Campus. Kaithal.

     For download click on given Link:-
     Link 1
     Link 2

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